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We are at the height of the transition. And this moment can be compared to the last hours of labor. Who is a mother and father who already lived the experience to follow a natural labor, knows the struggle, anxiety and inner strength that are necessary to overcome this challenging but also beautiful and inspiring moment.

Just as we are not able to see the new son properly before he is born, we are also depending on “ultrasound visions” for a “blurred”, unclear contemplation of the future, so we try to guess what is to come … which will be the “New Normal” world post-Covid19.

The “administrative systems” of the world have already been overcome by the challenges ahead. There are no solutions already applied that give complete clarity on the “ideal way” to act. We will need to CREATE the new solutions.

Right now, there are storms in the sky of our minds, shaking thoughts, and a raging emotions sea, stirring the feelings of practically all the inhabitants of the Planet.

We are all experiencing this “global fever”, which, just like in the body, has the function of activating our immune system to maximum alert. It is the culmination of a birth that, with pain and inner strength, will perform the “miracle” of generating a new being, a new reality for the planet.

The “tension” state of this stage is expected and natural. We must accept and adapt. After all, our world has already changed and there was no time to prepare with planning and tranquility for this moment. Suddenly, we live this stage of ” butterfly pupa”, cloistered, waiting for the bloom of a new stage, of a “New Normal” to move on into a productive routine

Regardless of the origin of this virus, we as humanity, have created the possibilities for this to happen.

A collapse was inevitable in the face of a civilization, which for at least the past 250 years, has been shaped by inequality, unsustainability, competition and greed.

We must thank the fact that we can give birth to a new system without wars or environmental cataclysms, as they would be much worse and more challenging paths.

The focus now should be on completing, with the greatest possible success and balance, this birth. It is not the time to take a risk, but to act with extreme caution and care, as this delicate moment demands.

We must remain extremely attentive, avoiding exposing ourselves to risks as much as possible and acting with a collective thinking for the common good. Any behavior you have reflects what messages it conveys. Do your decisions help to create or strengthen solutions?

Many solidarity networks are being formed. If you can, join one of them!

At this time, donations of any kind will be extremely vital for millions of people at social risk.

But if you simply feel the need to “close yourself off,” respond to that call and seek self-knowledge. Dedicate yourself entirely to your Inner Healing which will naturally awake your purpose and the best way of acting.

We have only one certainty: this birth will come to an end.

In the end, we will have the result of a “New Normal” that will be like a baby that we will need to guide and lead.

To everyone who feels the wakeup call, it is time to act!

We need to guide the possibilities of this “new normal” towards a new world of regeneration, based on cooperation and fraternity among all Earth’s communities.

Wakeup call to centists, doctors, politicians, leaders, thinkers, farmers, psychologists, economists, therapists, enthusiasts and everyone willing to contribute to this global mission of peace, and cooperative and integrated development.

We need everyone to build this “Global Regeneration Alliance”.

Only together, in cooperation networks, we can overcome this challenge with serenity!

Your decision to act will influence your future, the people you love, and ultimately, our own future! Everything is connected. In essence, we are all One.

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